In 2000, Taki Betsakos, owner of Meze Foods in City & Suburban, decided to open Meze Emporio, a deli in Senderwood.  He did this to serve the many Greeks in the Senderwood/Bedfordview area.  Customers coming to the deli from near and far, wanted to sit down and enjoy a meal with Taki, so he added a couple of chairs and tables inside the deli.  With the support of our customers, and the addition of his late wife Kathy’s traditional Greek recipes, the need for customers to sit and have a meal increased so much, that in 2010, Taki decided to expand.  He moved the deli to the shop next door, and turned the deli into a restaurant.

The Meze Emporio brand has gained popularity for its authenticity, affordability and consistency.  We specialise in authentic traditional home made Greek foods, and we supply through our Deli, a plethora of imported Greek Foods and various other products.

Coming to Meze Emporio is an experience.  It’s a meeting place where you can relax, meet up with family and friends, and enjoy the flavours and atmosphere of Greece.    We are a family business and we are passionate about good tasting food.  We are a great team, and we attribute our success to our long standing customers, Managers, and incredible staff, and of course the quality of our food. 

Everyone loves Greek food, so come in and enjoy the experience of being in Greece, right in the middle of Senderwood.

Our Values

Respect, unity, and hospitality

Gyro pita, shawarma, take away, street food. Traditional greek turkish meat food

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